Why should you join Sales Recon?

More sales meetings.

Trying to figure out how to leverage your network to set more sales appointments?
Tired of cold calls? Tired of after hours networking events that yield little to no results? Are you looking for a way to get into your targets? Sales Recon is what you need.
What should you expect from your membership?
  • Strategic format designed to get you in front of people you want to sell to.
  • Not only will you build strong business relationships, you will also be able to yield more sales appointments from those relationships.
  • Join up to 3 local groups to maximize your efforts.
  • Get access to decision makers that you want to sell to!
  • Exclusive "Business Category" membership per group
Our low $19.99 monthly membership, allows you to join up to three (3) local networking groups.

Sales Recon Mission

The Mission of Sales Recon is to provide a usable platform for business professionals to get in front of the people they want to sell to. Our system has been tested and refined over the years and we know that those who use it correclty will get more sales appointments and potentially close more deals.

So, whats next?

Now that you've decided to join our program, it will only take you a few minutes to get set up and on the path to closing more business. Rememeber, we are giving you a tool but YOU still need to do the work if you want your sales to climb.
Start by signing up and joining Sales Recon
  • Take a few minutes to complete your online profile
  • Select your business category, this will help us provide you with the best groups in your area.
  • Search out the group you want to join and request access.
  • The team leader of the selected group will accept you into the group and introduce you to the other members.
  • Check the group wall for the meeting schedule, and plan to attend your first weekly group meeting.
  • Show up, be preprared, help the other members and they will help you.

Already a Member? Sign In!

Ready to Join? Lets go.

Once you have completed your monthly $19.99 monthly subscription, you will have access to our network of area groups, see their members and ask to join.

Remember, you may apply / join up to three (3) groups in your area. Team leaders will review your request, confirm that no conflict excists and process your group membership.

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